Thursday, February 9, 2012

Re-post, Unique Option Debuts their Demo Room at a Festive Grand Opening

It was nice to see an idea developed in 2009 find it's debut on the national scene. The Restaurant 2012 generated at the recent Special Events Show in Tampa, FL prompted us to re-post our blog from 2009.

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Unique Option’s demo room is a space that can be transformed to showcase new concepts that Unique Option and industry partners co-develop. It is also used for client’s custom designs and as an incubator for leading industry trends.

On April 3rd, the company welcomed a crowd of over 300 industry professionals for their grand opening event. Since then we have received a lot of requests about the event, especially questions about the demo room and how partner’s services were incorporated into the event.



This event targeted central Florida’s leading players in the event, tradeshow, and convention industries. This busy group of individuals never marches to the same tune and it was a challenging exercise to design an event to welcome them to our new facility. We hit the highest marks by creating this SPRING IT ON celebration with a day of three mini events during breakfast, lunch and cocktail reception. The theme and execution afforded us and partners maximum exposure of our diverse and combined talent and put the Demo Room through a true test.



The morning event, was a breakfast in bed treat, where guests enjoyed a prepared to order breakfast. Conjoined banquettes inlayed with modern tables created the massive party beds with oversized head boards that allowed for both intimacy and comfort. Guests indulged their food fantasies while orders were taken and delivered in the most hospitable bed side manner.

Guests entered through the showroom and then into the demo room


For a perfect spring day, local event and tradeshow industry professionals gathered for a comforting picnic menu of various delicatessen specialties. Orders were filled by the attentive wait staff that strolled the grounds in and around Unique Option’s facility. Orders were then passed to the kitchen that was installed in the demo room. Others placed their orders directly from the bar and utilized the assortment of café and bar seating, especially the deli counter seating.


The evening’s cocktail reception, the final portion of a day of welcoming colleagues and friends transplanted guests to a Mediterranean getaway complete with the most delectable Mediterranean small dishes that were prepared again to order by the attentive kitchen staff. Whether you call these dishes- Antipasti, Tapas, Hors d'Oeuvres, or Meze that Mediterranean feel of gathering around a table, a bar or a room to share news and stories was perfectly accomplished.

The furniture setup for this mini event was a combination of lounge, nightclub and the neighborhood corner hangout. The entertainment of a Spanish guitarist, belly dancer and DJ included music from a far away land that kept the guests energized and entertained.

In addition to the demo room, the showroom was the hot bed of lively entertainment.

The Demo Room in the words of a…

Event Designer:

Surrounded by critically acclaimed partners, and highly critical guests, the task at hand was to welcome clients, colleagues and friends to a showcase of the company’s capabilities. More importantly the requirement also included fun time for everyone.

Knowing that our target audience is made of early risers, avid networkers and social butterflies each with a schedule to match inspired me to offer a day with three mini events. This concept also created an ideal opportunity to show more, a welcomed challenge at a showcasing event.

This event transpired to be about Creativity, Partnership & Celebration. All of these co-existed and naturally flew together. The greatest joy of this event has been the good will that was born that day making it truly representative of the season where blooms keep on springing.

About those highly critical guests, they got to choose their time, theme, and menu items. All these were delivered in a simple, sophisticated and perfect execution. This innovative approach to event design will replace forcing an experience on guests who do not want to partake in it.


Puff N' Stuff:

Your team did an outstanding job as well. It was a great event and beautiful facility. I too look forward to our next successful partnership. The Unique Option demo room was extremely useful, as it gave us the space and flexibility to create a Restaurant environment with a large interactive station that was hip, fun and new. The food evolved from each furniture transformation, but in designing the menu we made it work from the original design and only had to change minor equipment in the kitchen. The event was all about the furniture and food was to be the compliment.


The event accomplished 3 big event marketing achievements:

1. Effective event promotions-The 3 mini events accomplished the opportunity for everyone in town to drop by based on their schedule. Strategic and selective promotions leading up to the event at industry networking events, , emails blasts that included, save the date, reminders and attendance confirmation and directions and blog announcements all which yielded the maximum attendance.

2. Solidifying New Branding- With the recent new branding of the company’s new logo and business tag- event partner, this promotional effort finally tied in and brought to realty our new business description. We truly exhibited being an event partner, live in action, which was another success story.

3. Products in Action- As a marketing manager showing the use and purpose of our company’s product in action is the most beneficial selling tool. The event showed our products in use, demonstrated and enjoyed. Marketing by demonstration is so powerful and the impact of our demo room was proven that day.


*It was an absolutely fabulous event! Bravo to all of you!

*I am quick to refer business your way if anyone asks for furniture rental.

*We loved the new showroom, and look forward to bringing clients by to showcase your product.

*It was wonderful! Congratulations to you and your team and partners! Well done!

*You always know how to have fun and entertain your guests.

*Thank you so much for your fabulous event! The warm reception, great food, wonderful presentation and nice people! You made us feel welcome immediately.

*You have some amazing items that I foresee will be a huge hit in the bridal industry.

*We had a great time, and I really look forward to our continued partnership in the future.

*Your company did an amazing job and your invite to our team and the community as a whole was greatly appreciated.

*I commend you for putting together this event and I have heard so much buzz and talk among the grapevines in the hospitality world and everyone did an amazing job.

*I plan on using Unique for every opportunity possible.

*Great event! I look forward to working with you and your team.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Accents & Decor

How to go about bringing décor and accents into your event space!

The biggest challenges you will face with bringing décor into your event design is figuring out scale, color and use of artistry. When working with scale, most rooms that events are held in are bland boxes, the functionality lies in the lower six feet of the room, however the view is of the entire space. Décor selection efforts should be made to bridge the height of the room, to the intimate setting of the table that people gather around. Objects that are small, medium and large should be strategically placed to create a full and dynamic box. Your best large décor is light, it can be cleverly utilized by either defining the perimeter of the room or by lighting certain objects, knowing that dark is a color and can be incorporated into the design. Your medium elements are in your entrance, stage, bar and food stations, which ever applies. Finally, your small details that are placed at eyelevel are touchable and in hands reach of your guests.

The color of your décor can make or break how well received, it will be. The deliberate use of color to draw attention to a particular object or defuse attention to a wider view is one of the oldest techniques of décor selection. A highlighted bright color will show the depth of distance, and a blending of compatible colors creates continuity and texture. Both techniques should be used in successful execution of décor to maximize the impact of investment. Color can be selected from trend, corporate insignia or simply the host’s inspiration. There is a well established color theory that teaches variety of approaches and techniques to color utilization.

Check out the hottest color trends for 2012 by clicking on the link.

When it comes to artistry, there is no substitute to the human eye. Each space is different and will speak to you in its own language. Being receptive to the elements in the space, the focal points or distinguishing features should create a cohesive treatment, for the room is truly in the eye of the beholder. At the end you want to have a room that serves the function, and provide a comfortable use for the guest’s food and entertainment.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Create the Best Design and Layout for Your Next Tradeshow!

The successful formula for the most memorable tradeshow or convention is setting your company apart from the rest. Fulfilling your event needs will help ensure your desired look and goal. This can be easily achieved through having the best layout and design, then complimenting the space with custom décor, furnishings and lighting. The end result will compliment your product and service to make your booth, exhibit or private room cost effective and impactful. Leave this task up to the professionals so that you are able to focus solely on the client.

What should be included at a tradeshow, convention, or exhibit?

Design & Layout- this is the beginning concept that will tie everything together. Having fluidity and creating an inviting atmosphere, will draw attention to your space and new prospective clients will gravitate towards your exhibit booth.

Themed Furniture & Exhibits- Furniture and decor will compliment your booth or gathering area design concept and logistics, allowing clients and prospects a private area to talk business

Customized items- Their are many ways to bring branding into your space so that your customers will remember you.

Show Management & Hospitality- Offer your show management additional services by creating inviting hospitality and relaxation areas for their attendees.