Thursday, July 3, 2008

E-Events & Unique Option

E Events, a true partner with Unique Option on providing furniture & decor to amazing weddings. As they boast- Effortlessly Elegant and Undeniably Chic- Offering graciousness and style, E Events is poised to design an event that is an extension of your true personality. Enviable, efficient, extraordinary, and exquisite are the words which will describe your fete when you select E Events. Permit us to inspire you.

Very special thanks to Lisa Konecny for the fantastic collection of photos that truly showcases our collaboration together. These photos most certainly display an outstanding exhibit of our capabilities together...

Photo kudos & credits go out to the very talented photographers at the following studios here in Orlando, FL- Liga Photography, Damon Tucci Studios, NuVisions in Photography, & Garrett Nudd Photography.

Additional props go out to our creatively talented friend- Lindsey Luxa of
Dragonfly Custom Designs, who created the lovely passport invitations one of the wedding parties and the awesome floral on the Asian inspired wedding photos- Greenery Productions- much thanks to Tommy Murphy.