Friday, November 20, 2009

ISES Gives Back II

Tuesday night we had the pleasure of hosting the second annual ISES Gives Back meeting and working with great vendors! Attendees were asked to bring donations for The Mustard Seed (furniture and clothing bank) and Ton by Ten (canned foods) so they can do their part in paying it forward.

Ben and his team from Kaleidoscope Production Services did an awesome job lighting up the space with market lights, LEDs and spotlights.

Barfly rocked the bar and served up some nice cocktails for everyone.

TS Productions provided a solid stage for the entertainment and black drape around the perimeter.

Vice President of Programs and Education, Jason Logan, did a terrific job emceeing the evening and kept everything rolling.

Levan’s Catering dished up delicious sliders, potstickers, scallop and chicken skewers, prosciutto, and different spreads.

Peyton & Day Entertainment rounded up the creative improv music and comedy team that is Jeremy and Shalisa James of Songs on the Spot. They took everyone back to their “Dirty Dancing” days and involved ISES members in some of their songs.

Votive candles complimented our Pacific collection with ambient mood lighting. It was truly showcased by the focal point of the room; a gazebo with fabric treatment, chandelier and extended Pacific sectional. Everyone looked comfortable, relaxed and happy- looking forward to the next meeting!