Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's Hot in Rental Furniture

Furniture in events definitely make a great impression and impact on any environment. Serving as functional decor and setting the layout of the space and the flow of the event.

In the latest August/September edition of Event Design Magazine, our Creative Director, Awny contributes to What's Hot in rental furniture:

Rental furniture specialists are on top of the latest trends, materials, and what’s next in this arena, so read on and see what’s hot in rentals, and what everyone will be talking about next year.

Temporary Elements
What's Hot in Rental Furniture

“In is out and out is in as a design concept. A lot of people are leveraging outdoor furniture indoors with natural organic materials like wicker. When you use it indoors it can become a theme—it adds an element of surprise, you’re not expecting it so you notice it,” says Awny Khashoggi, creative director at Unique Option. Khashoggi says 30 percent of Unique Options’ rentals this year have been for outdoor furniture for indoor use.

Up Ahead. Khashoggi says the event design world is heading toward the use of electronic graphic presentation as the main form of theme delivery, and furniture will reflect that. “You’ll see themes delivered electronically through plasmas and screens, while furniture becomes a functional complement to that theme. Media, furniture, and lighting are the tripod of the future of event design,” Khashoggi says.

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