Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Party Ideas
As the holiday season has arrived have you found yourself asking, how can I spice things up this year? Unique Option would like to share with you some of their past holiday party ideas that kept guests engaged from the moment they arrived until it was time to say good night.

For this particular holiday reception the goal was to maximize interaction between guests in an informal yet elegant atmosphere. Specifically we wanted to create a dynamic seating arrangement that would allow movement among guests allowing them the opportunity to meet everyone in the room.

At this North Florida Holiday Reception you couldn't keep the Floridians indoors even in the middle of winter.

The guests were invited to prepare their own smores treats and exchange pleasantries as they huddled around the fire pits.

This was a fun way to celebrate the holiday season! A cozy fire and sweat treats is bound to bring a smile to your guests faces.


Feel free to share some of your holiday ideas.....the options are endless!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Our company can turn your event into a special day like no other. We start with the big picture, explore possibilities large and small. Then on to the final details- from room decor to furnishing elements and that special table top design. Make your special event stand out from the last ten that you have attended. Your dream can be realized tastefully at any budget, while achieving your purpose. Enjoy your evening with family and friends knowing that all details will be handled as planned.


The first impression of you event. Allow your guests to enjoy an environment that is inviting and stylish

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, make your ceremony distinguished and memorable while being comfortable and functional.

Let us create a relaxing environment where party guests can keep going in a perfect setting all night long.

Your picture perfect setting can be in so many places around your event. Indoor or outdoor your venue should be the ideal backdrop for your special day.


Unique Option has your successful formula for the most memorable tradeshow event. We assess your needs and provide you with the best layout that meets your budget and desired goal.


Creating a custom designed environment adds to your event like no other. We can assist you to differentiate your event by being innovative in designing the most creative decor elements that are also production driven, flexible and versatile.


The numerous details that you have to take into account for successful meetings are endless. We can give you the assurance that your business engagement will be handled with minimal demand on your time.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Focusing on Next

Unique Option, LLC was the very first specialty furnishings rental company in the country. They successfully built the business with a cutting edge design, style and color options. The company provided contract quality functional furnishings with reliable professional service. In April 2000, Awny Khashoggi created Unique Option so that every special event could finally experience the same sense of comfort and luxury that comes from a high standard permanent installation furnishing project. This forward thinking earned the Orlando-based company the reputation of the industry’s most innovative furnishings rental company. The company was an instant sensation within the special event, convention, and trade show professionals and those relationships grew and prospered as regional and national expansion set course.
By the year 2003 Unique Option had three regional locations in Orlando, Chicago and Las Vegas, serving Eastern, Midwestern and Western regions. The product line was developed from working with select leading manufacturers and designers from Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, and the United States to bring to life the new trends that shaped the industry. On the home front the vision came to life by working with a wide range of clients seeking bold grand presentation and a refined attention to detail. Those challenges allowed the Unique Option team under the creative direction of Awny Khashoggi to repeatedly set the “style standard” each season; expressed in his own words “We have to look past what’s ‘in’ now and focus on what will be next.” After all, isn’t that what defines cutting edge?
The furnishing rental industry was so successful that by the year 2005 it had multiplied many folds and being true to form, Unique Option had their eye on what’s to come next. Starting in 2008 the company adopted a strategy of growing their core competencies of award winning design and production services. As the new path was taking shape Unique Option continued to serve the rental business clients and eventually the rental assets were sold off in 2011.

Today the company design and produce engaging gatherings within the social, corporate and charitable communities achieving organizer's goal to educate, entertain and show appreciation to their audience while building loyalty and trust through an effective engagement strategy that goes beyond faceless transaction into a result focused personal interaction.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

See Your Event Vision Become Event Results!

As it has been getting harder and harder for people to get together due to travel, time, or money an opportunity to create an event should not be without a piercing focus on goals, purpose and desired results. To effectively design a successful event it needs to be built around the results that want to be achieved. Here are a few case study ideas we came across and wanted to share with you.

Case Study #1

Event Name: Spring It On

Client Office/Warehouse

Client: Unique Option

Purpose/Challenge: To showcase the furniture rental company's capabilities through a networking event

Result/Solution: Created three mini events within the same day which included morning, noon and after work gatherings. The event partnered with a local caterer to provide the opportunity to network while grabbing a bite to eat. The concept fulfilled a functional purpose of providing a meal and a business networking opportunity with the flexibility of multiple time slots. This Success story produced great attendance and a highly memorable event.

Case Study #2

Event Name: Indulging Luxury Buyers
Venue/Location: Luxautica, luxury automobile club
Client: International Conglomerate
Purpose/Challenge: To create a meet and greet for buyers at an aviation convention.

Result/Solution: This client spared no expense to put the audience at ease. Their goal was to leave them with a memorable expression while establishing new friendships. To that effect there were very little restrictions placed on the guest flow through this plush venue. Guest admired and learned about exotic cars, sampled delicious food and relaxed in a casual atmosphere. The no sales pitch commercial message gave them the feeling that they were amongst friends. This worked out great the next day on the trade show floor as they came up to the clients, continuing the same warm hearted feelings that carried over from the previous nights event.

Case Study #3

Event Name:

Venue/Location: A plush night club, Ricks Lounge

Client: Charity event benefiting local organization

Purpose/Challenge: The event took place in conjunction with a citywide social event that spanned an entire weekend. The goal was to get the guests in and out within a limited window of time, cover registration and reception for guest while providing a fashion show for the talented winner of project runway in order to help raise money for the charity.

Result/Solution: Staging the event inside of the night club allowed for party time and show time to become one while keeping the energy at one heightened level from beginning to end. The fashion show was designed in a way in which the runway cut across the club covering two sections. The VIP attendees had first glimpse of the models in their exclusive setting. As the runway continued through the VIP section it made its way into the open lounge area where the models intermingled with guests in style.