Monday, February 6, 2012

Accents & Decor

How to go about bringing décor and accents into your event space!

The biggest challenges you will face with bringing décor into your event design is figuring out scale, color and use of artistry. When working with scale, most rooms that events are held in are bland boxes, the functionality lies in the lower six feet of the room, however the view is of the entire space. Décor selection efforts should be made to bridge the height of the room, to the intimate setting of the table that people gather around. Objects that are small, medium and large should be strategically placed to create a full and dynamic box. Your best large décor is light, it can be cleverly utilized by either defining the perimeter of the room or by lighting certain objects, knowing that dark is a color and can be incorporated into the design. Your medium elements are in your entrance, stage, bar and food stations, which ever applies. Finally, your small details that are placed at eyelevel are touchable and in hands reach of your guests.

The color of your décor can make or break how well received, it will be. The deliberate use of color to draw attention to a particular object or defuse attention to a wider view is one of the oldest techniques of décor selection. A highlighted bright color will show the depth of distance, and a blending of compatible colors creates continuity and texture. Both techniques should be used in successful execution of décor to maximize the impact of investment. Color can be selected from trend, corporate insignia or simply the host’s inspiration. There is a well established color theory that teaches variety of approaches and techniques to color utilization.

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When it comes to artistry, there is no substitute to the human eye. Each space is different and will speak to you in its own language. Being receptive to the elements in the space, the focal points or distinguishing features should create a cohesive treatment, for the room is truly in the eye of the beholder. At the end you want to have a room that serves the function, and provide a comfortable use for the guest’s food and entertainment.