Monday, November 24, 2008

November Bonding Event at The Sushi House

Thursday, November 13th we hosted Make your own sushi and eat it too! Our first official exclusive bonding event at The Sushi House.

We transformed the Orlando Sushi House into a modern, Japanese dining room surrounded by Bamboo accents and peaceful Water Walls and used our White Eccentric line along with our White Lacquer tables along the restaurant's perimeter for seating which also doubled as a working table to roll and enjoy sushi rolls. In the center of the restaurant our Hepburn Bar tables and Mocha Leather cafe stools created a good working area as well as completed the Zen feel.

Thanks to the knowledgeable and generous sushi chef Mr. Dunn, who provided us with all the tools we needed, we were able to learn how to make our own sushi rolls, learned Japanese dining customs, and even had a sake ceremony! This was definitely a creative bonding experience!

Thanks to Heather Wilson and Robyn Jacobs of ME Productions, Bill Masterson, Keirsten Dossey, Amy Leas, and Jay Tappen of Experience Florida, Debbe King and Raul Balda from Lynx, Maisa Kingstone of Heaven Event Center, Melissa Collier and Emma Casares of Hello Florida, and Nia Netane and Vika Netane of Netane Entertainment for making it, we really appreciate it and had such a great time with everyone. Please be on the lookout for our next bonding event on December 11…Check out the pictures by E. from Epic Photography

November Bonding Event at The Sushi House Pictures