Friday, May 7, 2010

Non-Perishable Tabletop Decor

We are achieving a great deal of success in adding layers to our furniture and decor. In addition to the medium sized decor that we provide such as screens, waterwalls, large scale art and objects, tabletop decor is an important element. Tabletop decor is the part of the event that is touchable by your guests and it should meet certain criteria:
  1. Has to be non obstructive of view.
  2. Should be safe and secure.
  3. Needs to be whimsical and reflect the mood of the event.
  4. Most of all, it needs to be original and unique.

We strive to create designs that are non-perishable and reusable to protect the environment and reduce our client's investment. Here are some examples from recent events.