Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Opportunities for You in 2010!

In December we participated in several photo shoots. At one shoot in particular, we setup furniture and d├ęcor pieces at a local hotel demonstrating the versatility available at the property; from a corporate event to a private function. At one end of the spectrum, we showed how our product can be used for a wedding ceremony and reception with help from BBJ Linen, Kirby Rentals and TS Productions. Inside, we created a large conference table setup, with enough room to seat 24 executives comfortably!

A HUGE thank you and kudos to Jason and Sara Martin of Concept Photography who produced these amazing images for us! This is a new opportunity we are presenting to all of our event partners- to participate in a photo shoot at your venue/hotel with setups for a corporate or social event. The photos will be used as mutual collateral; a win-win for everyone!