Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Create the Best Design and Layout for Your Next Tradeshow!

The successful formula for the most memorable tradeshow or convention is setting your company apart from the rest. Fulfilling your event needs will help ensure your desired look and goal. This can be easily achieved through having the best layout and design, then complimenting the space with custom d├ęcor, furnishings and lighting. The end result will compliment your product and service to make your booth, exhibit or private room cost effective and impactful. Leave this task up to the professionals so that you are able to focus solely on the client.

What should be included at a tradeshow, convention, or exhibit?

Design & Layout- this is the beginning concept that will tie everything together. Having fluidity and creating an inviting atmosphere, will draw attention to your space and new prospective clients will gravitate towards your exhibit booth.

Themed Furniture & Exhibits- Furniture and decor will compliment your booth or gathering area design concept and logistics, allowing clients and prospects a private area to talk business

Customized items- Their are many ways to bring branding into your space so that your customers will remember you.

Show Management & Hospitality- Offer your show management additional services by creating inviting hospitality and relaxation areas for their attendees.