Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Special Event Show 2009

Group Therapy- by Awny Khashoggi

Lisa Hurley was leaving The Special Events Gala celebration (adorned with Total Event Resources harvest of Galas, special congratulations to Kathy Miller and all the other recipients) when she stopped and thanked me for coming to the TSE and I was happy to report back to her that this was my most successful Special Events Show.

I wrote this blog on my way back from California reflecting on why I felt that way. Success did not come from the open conversation with our competition that their business is down as well. It was not that clients are now coming to your booth spending time learning about the features of the product you introduced two years ago. Even the excitement over orders is not what made this the most successful show………The success is not that of an individual, a company but that of an industry that insists on being:

I) Resilience, as no one stopped innovating or creating amazing ideas.

II) Solidarity, we want to take all your business, but we wish our competition well.

III) Optimism, we are not out, done or forgotten. We are here to stay and rise to new heights.

IV) Genuine desire to help others, this is hallmark of being an event professional and it was never more obvious when we engaged in this group therapy to assure each other “I got your back”.

Our amazing trip....

A Marketer POV..
by Michelle Bergstein, Marketing Manager

Coming from the world of advertising and in my experience of exhibiting at trade shows it’s all about your booth’s gimmick and what can attract as many leads as possible to your booth. Not the case for the Special Event Show! Rather than quantity and massive traffic its all about the quality of the guests in your booth.

The most powerful gimmick is not having a gimmick and showcasing your creativity. In the events industry, planners and production companies are looking not to be sold to, but inspired, which is the true test of your achievement. It’s all about how your product or service can help accentuate their event, win them awards, gain repeat business and wow their prospective clients.

Showcasing at our booth creative use of space, combined with amazing products, and connecting with professionals by highlighting our inner passion for this business in a genuine way is how we accomplished our goal in driving the planners and production companies we set out to meet.